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Amber Oceanus

BiggYoga Aura Hoodies, Zipped, Pink, Yoga Collection, Long Sleeve,

BiggYoga Aura Hoodies, Zipped, Pink, Yoga Collection, Long Sleeve,

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Indispensable during the spring and winter hooded sweatshirts, sportswear adds elegance to your style. sweatshirts keep pace with reviewing all seasons will be part of our wardrobe. Cool summer nights to be worn also you can take with you when it starts to cool the air, throwing it over your shoulder or to a stylish and cool image layer to your combinations you can use it by connecting your waist sweatshirts candidate to be indispensable for all seasons.  The weather is cool before used alone sweatshirts, cold can be mounted under the combination when she feels. Zippered specially designed by BiggYogaa brand pink sweatshirt, hooded wrap that surrounds the design and soft thick fabric protects you from wind and cold. Long sleeves, pockets, hood with thick fabric and Aura themed design will warm your heart this sweatshirt ...  80% cotton, inside of which it is produced from fabric 20% is covered of the hoodie of the sweatshirt polyemi fabric is covered. BiggDesign hooded sweatshirt machine can wash at 30 ° C.

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